Locusts to destroy crops in district Khairpur

The Locusts adults and nymph bevy appeared in the areas of Taluka Nara and Thari Mirwah district khairpur that destroys the grower’s crops.

Locusts to destroy crops in district KhairpurThe locusts devour green vegetation wherever the flock settles. The conventional means of control are use of insecticides from the ground or the air, preferably the latter.

The district president of Sindh Agriculture Chamber, Serai Nisar Hussain Khaskhely, said that over 100,000 acres of cotton crop are likely to be affected if the federal and provincial governments do not take instantly step to control the looming locusts.

If the intimidating threat not controlled on time then the loss would be immense as the sugarcane and wheat crops would also come under attack.

The additional director of Sindh Agriculture Extension department wrote to the federal plant protection department to immediately commence locust control measures in order to stay away from crops heavy losses.