Drug abuse awareness and preventive measures

Drug abuse has a drastic impact on the human life. Drugs consumption among the people regardless of their age, race, or background is not as simple as prescribed in literature.

Drug abuse awareness and preventive measuresCommonly, the people become victim of drugs consumer because of the using recreational (psychoactive) or prescribed drugs without acquiring the knowledge of their adverse effects. However, a large group does not have the awareness of proper used of prescription and understand leaflet in a comprehensive way.

The initiation of drug abuse is happened due to various reasons, such as the intake of drug as recreational activity among a group of friends in a way to overcome their curiosity who presume drug abuse as a rising trend, or to cope with certain issues such as depression or stress.

However,not only illegal drugs, such as heroin, that can lead to abuse as well as prescribed drugs such as sedatives and hypnotics can induce similar complications.

Most common substances and their side effects

Proneness towards drug misuse varies from person to person due to genetic variation (mutation), metal status, family conditions, and social environment, all contribute to give rise hazardous factors, mainly include:

  • Non-serious consumption of drugs
  • Evidence from family history
  • Traumatic experiences of life
  • Mental disorders such as depression and stress
  • Techniques of administration—injecting a drug may have great potential as compare to other methods

Drug abusers often try to hide their actions and signs and disguise the seriousness of drug abusing. Following warning signs may help to divulge about drug abusers.

Physical warning signs of drug abuse: Sudden weight gain or weight loss, anomalous smells on breath, tremors, slurred speech, imbalanced coordination, pupil size varies—larger or smaller than usual, altered appetite or sleep patterns.

Behavioral warning signs of drug abuse: Sudden change in friend circle, hangouts, plummet in performance at school or work, lack of attention, engaging in enigmatic activities, getting into trouble easily (accidents, illegal deeds,), unavoidable financial problems, borrowing and stealing.

Psychological warning signs of drug abuse: Unusual hyperactivity, agitation and excitement, lack of passion and aim, lethargic attitude, paranoid and sometimes fearful, mood swings, irritability, angry outbursts.

Knowledge is a vital potential-provoking element that boost up mental competency to deal with daily life issues with proficiency and make fact-based and informed decisions. The main focus of drug abuse education is provoking obstructive behavior among individuals towards drug abuse.

Parents are first institution for children guidance, first to help themselves and then how they induce awareness for their children in progressive style. Primary school programming can contribute very well to provide data about drug abuse and its consequences.

For students, school curriculum is generally comprised drug abuse education. To learn more about drug abuse and its side effects must be attended classes, seminars, open public conferences and visit online research sites. It is our obligation to humanity to spread awareness regarding damages that all drugs potentially do with the body, mind, and relationship.


  • Don’t attempt to punish, threaten, or bribe
  • Don’t try to commit suicide
  • Avoid emotional appeals that may only increase feelings of guilt and the compulsion to use drugs
  • Don’t make excuses for the drug abusers
  • Don’t try to shield drug abusers from the negative consequences of their behavior
  • Don’t hide drugs for illegal use
  • Don’t feel guilty or responsible for another’s faults

Authors: Arooj Kanwal1, Wafa Majeed1, Muhammad Naeem Faisal1, Farooq Azam1, Alishba Roobi1, Fatima Ashraf1

1Institute of Pharmacy, Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.