Pakistan soon drive towards 5G Technology

Pakistan drive towards the 5G evolution and it could be enabled in Pakistan as early as 2020. Keeping this, Chinese tech giant Huawei to soon launched 5G technology in Pakistan.

Pakistan soon drive towards 5G TechnologyFederal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry addressing the moon-sighting website ceremony, announced that work on 5G Technology  basics is underway and soon, 5G technology will be available in Pakistan.

Science and Technology ministry disclosed that with 5G technologies a movie taking 40 minutes to download will be downloaded in 3.5 seconds. Currently, 3g and 4g internet is available to users but soon they will be able to have 5G internet.

Fawad stressed that the future belongs to upgraded technology and Pakistan has to get hold of high-tech to move forward and keep rapidity with the world. Concerning on technology, the US and China had a war over 5G technology.