Companies are using these psychometric assessment tests to ensure they have only such employees working in their organization who are healthy for their work place.

You should never judge a book by its cover. Here, it would rather mean you should never judge a thing unless you have used it. Many of you might have heard of psychometric assessment right? Well, you might not know but it is a powerful tool to measure and filter the right candidates for your organization.

These psychometric tests have been there since the early part of 20th century, but they are gaining alto of popularity in the present time. These are becoming a reliable tool to measure the candidates. Certainly these tools have proven their substance over the time.

If you start using a psychometric test, it would rather be a smart choice. These tests are really effective and professional. They make sure that only the right energy gets into your business.

In an age where every single decision has to be justified, backed up and knowledgeable by data, psychometric testing contributes a main element of science in an industry that has often depended on gut feel and interactions between the recruiter and job seeker when making vital hiring decisions.

Moreover, you might be surprised to know that more than seventy to seventy five percent of businesses use psychometric assessment test in their recruitment program.

Test is better than intuitions

Human instinct is little better than that of rolling dice and getting the stakeholders engross the price of a bad hire. To replace a skilled position, studies indicates it can cost up to hundred fifty percent of an employee’s salary in lost productivity.  You know what making bad hires is a cost every organization should strive to reduce.

Psychometric testing adds a degree of standardization and objectivity to the conventional art of recruitment. It does so by helping to eradicate the unconscious bias that aligns along with many selection decisions. 

Various analyses have discovered and showed that including psychometric assessments can improve recruitment outcomes by twenty four percent over that of conventional selection methods like that of resume screening and formless interviews.

The outcomes are quantifiable

Measuring human behaviour and its associated impact on the bottom line is one of the most challenging tasks facing organizations. With the coming age of huge Data, pre-employment assessment is one of the most simple and price effective ways you can clearly enumerate people-related ROI.

Associating assessment and recruitment results with outcome variables such as core job performance, engagement and commitment is the way for human resource departments to transform their image of being a cost centre to an answerable, profit driving, business crucial function.

Positive business brand

The usage of standardized and objective selection processes can form a powerful first impression of an employer’s brand.  You have no idea but applicants are fascinated to modern recruitment and selection processes and they often cite the objective approach to measure their capability as a main reason behind their satisfaction with the recruitment process.

It is especially true for fellows from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It is because psychometric testing caters a level playing field where the merit of everyone is equally judged.

You don’t require a psych degree

Gone are the times of complex reports where a psychologist was required to interpret esoteric psychometric test results. Psychometric test caterers are slowly adopting a ‘design first, data second’ principle. Gorgeously designed, data rich and convenient to read reports can now be instantly got online. Simplified real world language and graphics that informs you exactly what you need to know are getting the norm. 

Delivering a well-designed psychometric test report to a recruiting manager is now an empowering moment that assists them to make confident hiring decisions. After all, such substantial things do matter a lot.

Motivation factor

There are no employers who want negative minded employees working for them. No matter how professional, qualified and effective the employees are, if they are not positive they might become a problem for the entire working environment. You would agree that a negative person would always look at the negative side of the things.

No matter how good a project, concept or issue is; that individual is going to carve out something wrong about it. The point is that you have to be somewhat positive so as to work in a professional setup. You cannot keep on spreading negativity in the area and make others feel negative too. Such a thing would rather harm the organization.

On the flip side if the candidates you have employed are professional, educated, skilled and positive too; that would be a win-win situation for you.  A positive employee would always look at the positive side of the things. even when the team is falling apart because of the pressure or tension; such an employee with positive mindset would try to comfort and lighten up the environment such optimism is what needed in the present day office places. If your employees are positive, they would certainly be more p [productive and realistic towards the results.

Here, psychometric test would give you the chance to measure the behaviour, attitude and personality of your candidates even before they are recruited. In this way you would exactly know if the individual is going to be a perk for your working team or not.  

The test would have questions, situations and other segments that would test the responses of the candidates. The way person responses would tell a lot about their behaviour and mindset. And if you think that the candidates can trick the questions asked in the tests then you need to be watchful there. These tests are created and designed by professionals. They know how to get the candidate evaluated through questionnaires.


Thus, since you know a lot about psychometric test and the needs of businesses now; you have to decide whether you need the psychometric tool or not. Once you used the test you would not regret it for sure.