Are you a fan of large TVs? What do you love about them? Some people enjoy having a huge TV because it gives them a better picture delivery without straining.

In other words, they can sit anywhere in the room and enjoy watching the TV. You see, having a small TV can be tricky and challenging to watch because you won’t get the best picture quality when you are seated far from it.

Plus, most big TVs have extra features that are not present on smaller TVs. That is why most people would prefer going for a large TV. Furthermore, it seems like large TVs are replacing small TVs in recent times.

The 85-inch TV is among the large TVs out there, and they also come with all the top features of an advanced TV (but you still need to be sure that it has those features). So, how far or near should you sit from your massive 85-inch TV? Let’s discuss that.

The Placement

The first thing you’d want to consider when deciding how far you will be watching the TV from is where you intend to place it. The placement will determine a lot of things, including your watching experience.

Keep in mind that the main reason for getting a big-size TV is not for the sake of making good use of your money. Instead, it only allows you to have a better watching experience.

Regardless of why you chose to go for the 85-inch TV, you should consider where you will place it. An 85-inch TV will have two options; setting it up on its stands or the wall with the mounts. Some manufacturers will offer the TV with a wall mount, while you might have to buy the wall mount of other TVs. But every TV will come with its stand.

If you are placing it on a stand, ensure that the surface is flat enough and that it will be stable when you set it up. The TV stands should be stable enough to support your TV. A well-balanced TV allows you to watch even pictures and experiencing the true delivery of the TV.

If you will be mounting it on the wall with the brackets, ensure that it is firmly held.

Most of the best 85 inch TV 2019 will come with both the stands and wall-mounts to let you choose how you intend to set it up.

Other Factors to Consider When Placing the TV

  • The TV Angle

The best angle to place the TV is to place it directly in front of your face. When the TV is placed directly in front of the face, it will allow you to enjoy the pictures perfectly and also avoid straining your eyes.

It shouldn’t be too high that will force you to watch the TV upwards. This will cause some strain on your neck, which will lead to some pain when you watch the TV for too long.

Preferably, do not place the TV more than 15 degrees upwards or downwards. Also, don’t place it more than 40 degrees to the left or right. If you do, it will affect your viewing comfort and cause you some eye strain and neck pain.

  • Lighting

You want to consider the lighting of the room and how the TV is affected. Is there too much light near the TV? If there is too much light, it will compromise with the picture clarity/delivery.

Ideally, your TV should not be placed directly behind any major source of light. Suppose you place it directly behind a light source, it the brightness levels from the TV and light source will clash and cause you an eye strain.

This will also ruin the picture quality of the TV. That is why you should consider placing the TV where there is no direct light. Generally, place it away from any major source of light.

Finding the Right Watching Distance

Now that you know the TV is properly placed, you will need to decide how you will be watching it. Where will you be seating?

There is usually a general rule that helps you decide where you can sit from your TV. But this depends on whether the TV is full HD (1080p HDTV) or Ultra High Definition TV (4K).

For a 1080 HDTV, the sitting distance will be between 1.5 and 2.5 times the diagonal width of the TV. In other words, you will need to multiply the size of the TV by 1.5 or 2.5 and determine how far you should sit.

In this case, you will be multiplying 1.5 or 2.5 by 85 inches. It means that you should sit between 127.5 inches (10.5ft) and 212.5 inches (17.5ft). This formula should be used for every 1080p HDTVs.

But with the 4K UHDTVs, the image clarity is sharper. However, you can only enjoy its clarity if you sit close enough to it. The further you are from the TV, the less-clear the TV will appear.

Either way, you will calculate the size of the TV (diagonal length) and multiply it by around 1 and 1.5. So, you should be seating around 7ft and 10.5ft.

Keep in mind that 4K UHDTVs are best viewed closer. Remember that you should also consider the eye strain when setting up the TV and deciding on the sitting distance.

Generally, you should consider the image/picture quality before you decide how far you should sit away from the TV. Do not sit too close to the TV because that can cause you some eye problem.

Also, sitting too far from the TV will not give you the best picture delivery. You should sit at the perfect distance and at the right angle for you to enjoy the image quality of your TV.

Don’t forget to invest in a good sound system if you want to get better sound output from that of the TV. However, these big TVs are made with a high-sound output that you can enjoy even without the need to purchase a different sound system. Also, ensure that the TV you are buying has the best features.

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