A student’s life seems to revolve around exams. Sadly, this is true. Exams have been made in such a way that they cause anxiety and are mostly despised.

For those students who fail these exams, a good number read and understood the content. So, why do students fail even though they have studied the course material? Anxiety is on top of the list. You are too scared that you forget the solutions to answers or you are unable to put your words in a meaningful manner.

There are, however to pass your exams especially your McGraw Hill connect exams. Below, we will furnish you with a few tips that we have been keeping under our sleeves but it is time to let the cat out of the bag.

  • Remind yourself why you are studying

A lot of students have dropped out of school but you are still in pushing on. Exams may be stressful but you have come so far. You are just one step away to getting into that career you have always dreamed of. There is absolutely no reason to stop just before the finish line.

Reminding yourself of the reasons why you are studying and you will be able to shift your focus into passing your exams. This is a good technique as you will be able to mute all your distractions and concentrate on the exams at hand.

  • Practice and more practice

The only way to become good in something is to do it enough times until you can do it with your eyes closed. Apply the same energy in your upcoming McGraw Hill exams. Practice especially in your weak areas until you master the content. This will help keep your anxiety art bay since we only fear the unknown.

Look at previous past paper and gauge yourself as well as familiarize yourself with the question setting and marking scheme. Form study groups amongst you and your peers to help brainstorm and break the monotony of studying by yourself. Using different study methods also helps in mastery of content.

  • Create your memory aids

Create your own memory aids to help you remember different concepts in your studying. These are very effective especially when it comes to questions that require a string of answers.

If need be, create a small chorus that you can remember or acronyms to help you remember some of these concepts that you think might be difficult to remember during the exam period.  You therefore ensure that you are able to secure all marks.

  • Remember to answer the question on your exam

The human mind is designed in such a way that at times we create our own questions and answer them. You might be just from revising a past paper and imagine the same question being asked in your exam but in reality it is not. Be very careful in such situations.

Do not rephrase the question to fit your current needs. Reread the question as many times as you need to in order to internalize. This way, you make sure you are answering the correct question.