New laser microscope can diagnose & treat diseases

Scientists from University of British Columbia have created a laser microscope to diagnose diseases such as skin cancer and even carry out extremely precise surgery, all without even the need of cutting the skin.

New laser microscope can diagnose & treat diseases“Our technology allows us to scan tissue quickly, and when we see a suspicious or abnormal cell structure, we can perform ultra-precise surgery and selectively treat the unwanted or diseased structure within the tissue without cutting into the skin,” said co-lead author Yimei Huang.

The device is a specialized kind of multiphoton excitation microscope that lets imaging of living tissue up to around 1mm in depth with the help of an ultrafast infrared laser beam.

The microscope is not only capable of digitally scanning living tissue, but also treat it by intensifying the heat produced by the laser.

When applied to treating skin diseases, the microscope lets professionals to pinpoint the exact location of the abnormality, diagnose it and treat it instantly.

Moreover, the team now wants to develop a miniature version of the tech that could be used to carry out microscopic examinations and treatment during endoscopy.