Pakistan’s 30% vehicles to go electric by 2030

To combat the worsening current climate and pollution condition of Pakistan, an initiative has been taken to convert 30% of Pakistan’s vehicle to go electric by the year 2030.

Pakistan’s 30% vehicles to go electric by 2030Concerning on the initiative, Prime Minister ordered the concerned authorities to get ready the required logistics for a possible set-up of an electric plant.

Considering most of the major cities in Pakistan are currently polluted with tremendously toxic air due to the hazardous pollutants released by industrial and automobile emissions.

Keeping in line, the best option that is available for Pakistan is the doorway of electric cars in the Pakistani automobile industry.

Adviser to PM on climate change, Malik Amin Aslam highlights that converting 30% vehicles on electric cars save Rs 2 billion worth of oil imported into the country besides reducing the country’s air pollution.

Moreover, the Pakistani government is seeking help from the neighboring country allied to the automobile industry. Furthermore, the government is also considering other more realistic projects like ‘Green Rickshaws’ and more.