UAF to design bio-gasification plant using biomass

To endorse substitute ways of energy the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) experts intend to design a bio-gasification plant to produce economical electricity by using solid waste and biomass.

UAF to design bio-gasification plant using biomassUniversity of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice-Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ashraf directed the experts to create a mock-up by using sewerage slug to fabricate biogas for 50 houses.

To meet the energy demand in the country the alternative sources of energy like wind, bio-energy and bio-fuel needed to be functional promptly.

Dr Muhammad Ashraf considering the agriculture sector harms directed the concerned experts to come up with innovative ideas to tackle the issues of the farming community and society.

Keeping in line the need, the instant attention of the academia, researchers and the government must be considered.

The university’s Postgraduate Agricultural Research Station (PARS) visited by Principal Community College Dr Haq Nawaz Bhatti, Director Punjab Bio-Energy Institute Dr Ahsan, Deputy Registrar PRP Syed Qamar Bukhari and other notables.