Pakistan's mango crop slump to 30% this season

Pakistan’s dire need to take up new-fangled techniques of agriculture as there is a continual changes in climate that mainly hit the agricultural output. Considering this, the mango crop dropped to 30% this season.

Pakistan's mango crop slump to 30% this seasonThe major reason behind the fall in production of various agricultural output is heavy rains and drizzle that are not tackled with time.

Unfortunately, farmers were using the old techniques to deal with the change in climate. Our farmers community are not aware of new techniques that go towards the decline in the agri-sector output.

Keeping in line, Waheed Ahmad, Patron-in-Chief of the All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) stressed out that Mango is one of the cash crops, which earns foreign exchange for the country.

Moreover, in the current year 2019, mango production was expected to set at 1.2 million tons compared with 1.8 million tons in the previous year.

This year’s mango export is going to commence on May 20. The target is to export 100,000 tons of mangoes which will get a hold of foreign exchange worth $80 million.

If this raising concern not solved with time then it move towards the decline of agriculture sector that affects the livelihood of farmers and mainly the nation’s economy.