Role of mango seed as by-product in our life

Mango is king of fruits because it contains lovely flavor, amazing aroma and high dietary value. Mango seed plays a role as by product in our life.

Role of mango seed as by-product in our lifeThe unappeasable attraction for peoples who love Pakistani mango is its great aroma and amusing sweetness which is found nowhere else in the world. In mango producing countries from all over the world Pakistan standing at 5th position

Mango word is the British pronunciation of the “Mankay”, the Tamil word for the fruit, because it is found in large quantity all over Madras and Southern India.

Mango is getting great admiration all over the world and is innate of eastern Asia Indo-Pakistan and Sub-continent. Mangoes are to be present in almost all over the World’s tropical areas.

The flowering of mango starts about February March, and in the month of May it comes in markets remains in market till the end of August and early September.

There are approximately 1300 varieties of the mango, which are present in the Indo-Pak Sub-continent. Out of these 1300 varieties of mango 125 founds in Sindh.

As we get mangoes from NWFP and Baluchistan, but Sindh and Punjab are key source. In production of mangos in is 10 lac’s tons, out of which Sindh provides 50% i.e. more than 5 lac’s tons.

Large quantity mangoes are present in Multan and Mirpurkhas. Rahim Yar Khan is main producer of mangoes, where more than 26 thousand acres are under mango cultivation.

Ripe mangoes are processed into different products e.g. preserved products, beverages, frozen mango products and dry products. In Pakistan after consumption of mango pulp mango seed is totally discarded, and everyone who eat mango thought that its seed have no use, but they don’t realize that they are thinking in wrong way.

We can be used mango seed as by-product which can give us lot of benefits. Mango seed kernel contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Potassium is an important nutrient and in the synthesis of proteins and amino acids.

Calcium helps in teeth development. Magnesium plays a role for activity of enzyme. Magnesium also plays a role maintaining the body pH. For bone and cell growth and proper functioning of phosphors play a great role.

Nutrients in mango seed

Mango seed is also rich in vitamins like vitamins A, E, K, B1, B2, B5, B12 and vitamin C. mango seed is full of nutrients due to high amount of carbohydrate and oil. The presence of vitamins A, C and E proposes that mango seed could be used as a substitute of these vitamins.

Due to high amount of Vitamin A which is essential for eye health, and due to deficiency of Vitamin A children are facing problems related to blindness.

So Vitamin A can improve our vision, prevent night blindness as well as fight with dry eyes. Antioxidant vitamins also present in mango seed which reduce oxidative processes and are known to be dynamic in the initiation of arthrosclerosis

Mango seed oil

Mango seed oil is containing pale yellow color. Mango seed oil contains most important properties of good oil like reduced amount of free fatty acid.

Presence of less amount of free fatty acid in mango seed oil indicated that the mango seed is almost free from hydrolytic rancidity which allows the direct use of such as oil in industries without further neutralization.

Mango seed oil is more persistent than many other vegetable oils which are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. So this oil can be used in blend form with vegetable oils.

Cocoa butter is one of the most expensive vegetable oils consisting mainly of stearic acid, oleic and acid palmitic acid, and a small amount of myristic acid and lauric acid.

So industries have tried to look for substitute vegetable oils that have chemical and physical properties similar to cocoa butter but they are cheaper Some researcher found that oil obtained from the mango seed kernels could be used as substitute source of edible oil.

With the right proportion, an oil blend between mango seed kernel oil and palm oil could be used as Cocoa butter. Mango seed kernel extracts boosted oxidative stability of fresh-type cheese and ghee and increased their shelf life.

Mango seed is good food option for poultry Just soak and dry these seeds, by keeping just 10% of their total moisture content. These kernels can then be fed to cattle and poultry, offering them good nutrition.

In the present study mango seed shell, a waste material obtained from mango juice manufacturing industry have been used for the elimination of methylene blue from its aqueous solution. Several researchers had proved several low cost materials.

Mango seed also used in multiple ways in home remedies like as tooth paste it keeps teeth strong protect from cavity and make sure enamel health. In case of throat inflammation and cough problems it provides you relief.

Now-a-days emerging problems of females regarding weight, yes mango seed is very effective in weight loss, blood circulation and removal of toxins from body.

By boosting blood circulation it helps in reducing cholesterol level and this helps in decreasing blood sugar level. By consuming mango seed powder it can minimize all problems related to cardiac diseases.

The nervous system is well connected by blood vessels and heart. Having mango seeds or amchur moderately assures cardiovascular diseases are reduced.

Mango seed’s containing phenols and phenolic compounds which helps to improve digestion by fighting against acidity. In our neighbor country India some researcher are doing research work on mango seed, after knowing amazing benefits of mango seed.

They are doing processing of mango kernel and converting it into flour as assuming that it can b use as supplement to wheat flour because it contain protein, fat, magnesium, calcium and vitamins.

Pakistan ranked 5th in mango production and every Pakistani is mango lover, so after consuming mango pulp we waste its seed now it’s the time to decrease waste material production by processing of mango seed which give us not only wealth it provide us good health. It can flourish as an industry which contribute in our economy and reduced the level of unemployment. So we have to go for it.