Risk of Technology

Risk of Technology: In this globalize modern era, the vast using of technology for almost all purpose, even for intact the relations, is harming for human being now.

Risk of TechnologyA man stay away from his family but talk every day, look every day through technology and he assume that he makes relation continue by device, but he makes relation not by the device rather than with device.

Now, human is raising question on modernity, what he achieve and what he loose as human being. The huge philanthropist in every modern society and associations are raising a question in it self, that why society need it?

Various disease have emerged in last hundred years and all the pharma industries stand upon it. The road and building accidents push the arthropod industries, in the name of modernity, human use undesirable products. The technology  helps men but increase or creates more problems/ risk for men/ technology.

By Kamran Malik

i am student of IR