Pop-up classrooms to be build for quality e-learning

Egypt plans to build up to 265,000 pop-up classrooms, a new type of portable construction, in three years, NetDragon Websoft Inc announced recently as it unveiled its new product to the public for the first time.

Pop-up classrooms to be build for quality e-learning

The classroom, composed of several building blocks, can be transported easily and it only takes a few hours for simple installation before putting into use.

“Taking a humanized space of container size as the carrier, the classroom is equipped with the advanced high-tech facilities such as Prometheus electronic whiteboard,” said Xiong Li, CEO of NetDragon, China’s leading online gaming and education developer based in Fuzhou, capital of East China’s Fujian province, on April 28.

“It has become the mobile version of the smart classroom.”

Designers of the classroom have chosen solar energy as power supply, and paid attention to details, such as ventilation and sunshine to bring more comfortable experience to users, he said.

The facade of the classroom will be specially designed according to different customs and cultures of different countries, according to Xiong.

“Pop-up classrooms can help developing countries realize the popularization of quality education resources conveniently and quickly without spending too much money,” Xiong said. “With this outstanding advantage, I believe it will have a broad market prospect.”