Facebook announced new tools to help SMBs growth

Facebook announced two new advertising tools to help small businesses (SMBs) save time and resources so they can focus on growth: Automated Ads, Appointments and new video creative tools.

Facebook announced new tools to help SMBs growthWith Automated Ads, the business owner is asked a few simple questions about their business and their goals to help develop a customized marketing plan for their business.

Some of the most helpful features of Automated Ads include:

  • Multiple versions of the ad: Business owners can create up to six different versions of their ads automatically. The automated ads solution will suggest call-to-action buttons, text and other creative details based on information from the business’ Page, and once the ad is active, the solution will automatically show the best-performing version.
  • Tailored audience suggestions:  The solution will suggest audience options or recommendations based on information from the business’ Page.
  • Recommended budget that generates results:  The solution will recommend a budget most likely to get business results based on the goal. Businesses can also provide their own budget and the solution will share the estimated results that they can expect.
  • Timely notifications about your ads: Businesses will receive notifications to help them understand how their ads are performing and how they can improve. These can include suggested changes like refreshing an image or notifications when the ad starts generating results like a lead or sale.

Jordi Fornies, Director, Emerging Markets, APAC at Facebook said: “Our new Automated Ads solution takes the guesswork out of creating effective ads that can run on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network and make it easier for SMBs to focus on growth”.

Manage appointments with free tools

Facebook is also expanding its free tools for businesses, allowing them to book and manage appointments on Facebook. Businesses can use the appointments feature to enable new and existing customers to book services with their business.

They can accept appointments online and send reminders to customers through Messenger or text message. And to keep things organized, they can also sync appointments with their personal calendar or another appointment management tool.

Create compelling video content with new editing tools

We’re introducing new ways to easily edit existing video with three new video editing tools: automatic cropping, video trimming and image and text overlays.

These tools, available in both Ads Manager and Business Manager, can help reduce the resources needed to create compelling video content for SMBs.

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