UAF & Jaffer Agro evolves tech to curb wheat weeds

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad in collaboration with Jaffer Agro services under Technology Development Fund (TDF) taken a cost-effective technology initiative to control weeds of wheat and augment its production.

UAF & Jaffer Agro evolves tech to curb wheat weedsThe team developed the technology and prepared a Bioherbicide containing Allelopathic Bacteria for Bio-control of Weeds of Wheat. The useful strains of rhizobacteria are already identified.

About Allelopathic Bacteria for Bio-control: 

A root-colonizing bacterium applied to wheat crop through the technology and a particular process. The coating of wheat weeds with the bacterium would help restrain the growth of wild bushes in crops.

The Project Director Professor Zahir Ahmed saying that field trials of the technology conducted in collaboration with the industrial partner had already proven its ability to suppress weed growth and enlarge wheat  growth by more than 15 per cent.

The innovative technology would be offered to farmer community in a user-friendly form by the nest season. Over 567 tons of wheat crop yields worth Rs.18.44 million annually may went up by applying bioherbicide to only 15 per cent of total area under wheat cultivation.