Avengers Endgame has turned out to be one of the most hyped-up fiction movies of the year. Google is trying to get the most out of the avengers trend. The search giant has an easter egg when you search for the term ‘Thanos’

Erase your google searches with 'Avengers Thanos'As a part of the easter egg, one can replicate the movie character’s infamous “snap” that wipe out half of the universe’s population in the infinity war movie turning them to be dust.  

A similar effect can be seen in the giant search results, with the URLS and words turning into dust, leaving the page completely blank.

Upon searching ‘Thanos’ on Google either on mobile or desktop, click the golden hand equipped with Thanos’ infinity gems.

Clicking the gem-studded golden armor triggers the power of the Infinity Stones and it wipes out half of the search results of the page, making everything vanish and go in half, including the number of results. Clicking the glove again will return everything back to the normal world.