Strategic policy moot over GMO commercial cultivation

Military’s Strategic Planning Division (SPD), Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Ministry of Food Security & Research (NFS&R) talk over the deliberate policy of commercial cultivation of genetically modified organism (GMO) maize.

Strategic policy moot over  GMO commercial cultivationIn a moot, defence institutions have strappingly opposed adoption of genetic technology for food crops like maize as there is no method of co-existence in the country for GMO and non-GMO seeds and it is also not appropriate due to small land assets. The prevention of contagion of GMO crop to non-GMO crop is also not feasible through delay in time of sowing.

Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) also conflicting the commercialization of GM maize in Pakistan as this unreceptive development slows down exports. Country get benefit from biotechnology but at the same time biotechnology is not limited to only genetic modified organism.

Ministry of Food Security & Research said that the issue of GMO maize cultivation is presently under discussion at executive level, saying as it is continuing issue, hence there is no official remarks on the concern.

The ultimate concern is that after commercialization of GMO maize, there is no permissible framework and SOPs on co-existence of GM and non-GM corn to defend farming community and consumers. Moreover, there is no mechanism for educating farmers on GMO-crops.