Adverse allergic reactions are rising and to tackle the various things in time, scientists have created a new wearable watch entitled as ‘EpiWear‘ that features an in-built syringe folded in it to save life heftily.

Life-saving watch ‘Epiwear’ features folded syringe

Students at Rice University have this simple solution to the rising allergy by just putting the shot on your wrist. They’ve developed a wearable, the EpiWear, that hides a foldable epinephrine syringe in a device not much larger than a watch.

If you’re in an emergency, you just need to unfold it, flick a safety lever and push a button when you’re ready to inject the medicine into your thigh.

The team is keenly aware of safety concerns. The three-piece folding design makes it effectively impossible to trigger the needle by accident, and there are plans for a case that would prevent the button from touching anything until the shot is necessary.

EpiWear is still very young, to the point where it’s made of 3D-printed parts. The students plan to refine it, however, including a smaller, more refined look that would be more acceptable on a night out.

They’re even considering adding watch functionality so that it does more than sit on your wrist in ordinary situations. Should it become a practical reality, you might not have to feel awkward about carrying a life-saving injection with you and you’d never have to worry about leaving it behind.