Textile the most pollutants releasing industry

Water is the essential of every living organism but unfortunately human activities vigorously polluted environs and eventually the spreading textile toxins in water enriching poisonous chemicals usage in various sectors.

Textile the most pollutants releasing industryThe industries are growing globally and eagerly polluting environment. The textile industry is one of the most pollutants releasing industries globally.

Mian Shahid Chairman of United International Group stressed the factors that impure surroundings. He disclosed that the textile industry has become the second largest polluter after oil industry.  It pollutes land and makes them futile and barren in the long run.

Fashion industry has become a 3000 billion dollar industry which is two percent of the global GDP. It is producing 100 billion garments annually of which 75 percent are marketed in developed countries.

He noted that three percent of the cultivable land is being used to grow cotton but the ratio of pesticides and insecticide used over the crop is 35 percent. Fifteen percent of fiber is wasted in the textile mills in which Pakistan’s share stands at 60 million kg.

To look glamorous the global textile industry is making efforts but it ultimately releases hazardous wastes that harm the eco-friendly system and the exposure are highly in Pakistan.