World's deepest indoor pool to open in Poland

The world’s deepest indoor pool is set to open in Poland this fall and will allow swimmers to dive 45 metres below the surface.

World's deepest indoor pool to open in PolandCreated as a training site for divers, the Deepspot diving pool will hold 8,000 cubic metres of water when completed that’s 27 times more water than standard 25-metre pools.

And how deep will it be? At a depth of 45 metres, the pool will be as deep as a 15-storey building.

For a more comfortable dive experience that will also allow free divers to forego wetsuits, water temperature will be warmer than standard pool temperatures.

Water will also be filtered 15 times a day to keep the pool transparent and clean for both divers and outside spectators: designs call for a transparent, underwater tunnel, while conference, training and hotel rooms will also have a view of the underground pool.

By comparison, traditional pools are filtered an average of three times a day, says Deepspot. The pool opens in Mszczonow about an hour’s drive outside Warsaw, by the same group that operates an indoor skydiving attraction.