Virtual way to reach any place

Virtual way to reach any place on earth, moon mars or SKY through GEP :

Virtual way to reach any placeIn today’s world everything has become so handy that we can reach any place of world virtually in seconds. Our globe has turned into a global village with every country one home and its citizens members of family. Besides social media, there are many ways to visit world without getting off from you bed like; Search engines and remote sensing platforms like google earth pro (GEP). Our desire to reach and observe outer space is ever evolving, and scientist are trying their best to make it possible for every person to see sky, moon and mars virtually if not physically (may be in near future).

For this, 3D models of sky, earth, moon and mars are uploaded on GEP. As our generation might not be able to reach moon and mars for living permanently over there, but you can mark your favorite tourist place on our moon and neighbor planet for your kids to visit in near or far future If you want to .

  • Historic background of GEP

Launched in 2004 as Keyhole Earth Viewer, google earth is with us since then. Its 3D, easy, convenient and user-friendly interface makes it best choice for locating places and planning survey for research or recreational purposes around the world.

  1. Working on GEP: Pre-requisites and necessities

Although GEP can run literally on any PC, Laptop and android mobile phone but main requisites for using it are; good internet and your fingers to do work.

  • What you can do and see on GEP?

Starting from earth, you can visualize your home countries, your home town and even your house. Time lapse tab of GEP allows you to go back in time (though virtually) to see construction, urbanization and land use change over time. An architect, mason and civil engineer can locate and measure their constructional sites in 3D to estimate material and cost of building. A student can find his/her way to university and to a nearby shopping mart if he had to find some books or do window shopping to relieve exam stress. A tourist can plan its next visit via seeing beautiful places of world in 3D.

Conclusively, only SKY is your limit! But wait, even sky is not out of reach of GEP. New features in GEP allow you to literally visit and mark your territory in SKY so hurry up before you go out of time as you are not going out of space in sky space. Visualizing our planet, moon and mars has become easier via GEP as we can see whatever we want to with just one click.

  1. Introduction to basic features of GEP for beginners

You just need to download PC desktop version of google earth pro from and you are ready to go. Just sign in with your google account and start working. What you can work on?

  • Locate any place on world 3D map
  • Make a polygon of working site
  • Measure dimensions of any place
  • Find your next destination
  • See time lapse of constructional activities in your area
  • Find construction activities in housing society in which you have bought a plot but can’t move their as construction is going on.
  1. Advanced features of GEP for Scholars and researchers

As a scholar, researcher, soil scientist or cartographer we must get pin point address of a place where we are planning to visit, conduct survey, do research or develop maps.

The GEP can save your time that would require you to visit site in person with a hand-held GPS or your mobile phone and locate, measure and record data.

What a researcher can do with GEP?

  • Monitor and measure Land Use Land Cover Change and publish findings
  • Measure extent of urbanization
  • Record deforestation in far located forests
  • Monitor vegetative loss in urban areas
  • Record atmospheric pollution and contamination via integrating GEP and satellite imager data sets
  • Monitor farmland
  • Measure lake, reservoir and Dam volume and varying water holding capacity
  • Can monitor Ice cap melting because of global warming
  • Can integrate available data and simulate urbanization extent

Besides that!

  • Find your way back home

Google earth pro is handy tool with endless application and its use depends upon your thinking as sky is not the limit anymore!

This article is co authored by : Muhammad Ashar Ayub, Muhammad Nadeem and Zia ur Rahman Farooqi