Google blow out Gmail's 15th birthday candles

Google is celebrating Gmail’s 15th birthday by announcing a selection of new features heading to the email platform.

Google blow out Gmail's 15th birthday  candles“Gmail has evolved a lot over the past 15 years. Before we blow out our birthday candles, here’s a rundown of new features coming your way.” 

First, Gmail is expanding its Smart Compose feature to include Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian. Essentially, the feature will now be able to suggest words and phrases to people composing emails in these languages.

Gmail will also include an email scheduling feature, allowing users to send mails at predetermined times. The company also launched “dynamic email” features last week, which allow you to view and reply to email threads and external apps from within your inbox.

It’s not all celebration for Google’s users though. The firm’s renewed focus on Gmail comes days after the company killed its experimental email app Inbox.

“As Gmail continues to improve, we’re bringing the best features from Inbox,” the company wrote in its Inbox obituary in September 2018.

“In the new Gmail, you’ll find workflows that are similar to your favorite ones in Inbox.”

Google is still set to bring a number of Inbox specific features to Gmail, however, this does seem to be a start.

The features mentioned above are now available on Gmail for Android and iOS. Those awaiting Smart Compose on the latter will have to wait a bit longer for its arrival.