Pakistan take part in FLL robotics championship

Pakistan’s brilliant and skilled aspirants take part in an international ‘First LEGO League’ FLL robotics championship which is going to be held at Macquarie University Sydney, Australia.

Pakistan take part in FLL robotics championshipA team of six students along with their female instructor has been selected to take part in robotics championship 2019 among 100 countries. The similar team of Pakistan Robotics also won the national robotics championship held in Islamabad.

First Lego league is one of the prevalent robotics competitions that endow with opportunities to brood and youngsters to build up their skills in the field of science and technology. This year’s theme for the Lego League Tournament is “IntoOrbit”.

With the help of robot the aspirants have to crack the fiddly mission within a constraint time with restricted resources. The students have to carry out research and display solution to the problems related to Space Science and Astronauts.

The participants will also build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO Mindstorm kit to resolve a set of missions in the Robot Game.