Cross-species get through robotic technology

A new wide research initiative is developing an innovative technology robotic equipment that may allow cross-species communication. Hence, bees talk to fish.

Cross-species get through robotic technologyResearch team has supposedly coordinated the choices of bees in Austria and fish in Switzerland through the use of undercover robots that manipulate the group behavior of the two animal groups.

The ASSISIbf had developed an evolutionary algorithm to carry out the task. As the platform, states: “These robots will adapt by evolutionary algorithms until they have learned to interact with animals in a desired way. This new technology is aimed to lay new foundations on the way in which humans can interfere with animal societies in order to manage the environment.”

In the past, technology has only been used as a tool for human-to-object relations. The human-technological-ecology has therefore been separated from the natural ecology.

This technological breakthrough would allow for autonomous interactions between robots and machines which would be controlled by human system preferences.

“The robots enable this biohybrid system to function at any distance and operates in water and air with multiple sensorimotor properties across species barriers and ecosystems. These results demonstrate the feasibility of generating and controlling behavioral patterns in biohybrid groups of multiple species.

With this human lead rewiring of complex ecosystems new advancements in agriculture, ecological restoration, and geographic monitoring of plant and animal groups can be introduced. 

How will these new bio-hybrid coordination systems affect humans? Perhaps, with the guidance of robots, animal-robot hybrids will replace us as the new ‘toiling masses‘ of the 21st century?