Google expose Netflix like video game streaming platform

Moving a step forward from phones, tablets and search engines, Google has now launched its very own gaming streaming called Stadia, aiming to make the service bring the industry’s ‘Netflix for games’ promises to life. 

Google expose Netflix like video game streaming platform

The service will allow gamers to play any game on any connected device, be it iPhone, smart TV or a Mac. Stadia, which is streamed directly to the Chrome browser, is capable to stream games in 4K, 60FPS and HDR color and launch, but will soon also support up to 8K and 120FPS.

Google’s gaming service will also allow developers to sell their games in new ways such as directly via YouTube and Twitch live streams.

For instance, if one loads up a trailer for the game Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey on YouTube and at the end click the ‘Play’ button, the game will load simply within five seconds in the Chrome browser, ready to be played.

Stadia’s ‘Crowd Play’ feature also allows people watching a YouTube livestream to actually join the streamer’s game. Another feature called State Share will also let people send links to particular sections of a game and their friends can simply play from their own Chrome browser. 

But, the controller also has a specific ‘Capture’ button that will let gamer instantly start streaming their gameplay to YouTube. Another ‘Google Assistant’ button will let the user talk to Google Assistant through the built-in microphone and get tips if they are stuck on a particular section of a game.