Future spaceships to gain speeds from black holes

Having enough fuel and incredible speeds for spaceships still remain a problem today, but a new concept suggests that spaceships just might be able to gain enough speed by powering itself from black holes.

Future spaceships to gain speeds from black holes

A new concept called a ‘halo drive’ could let future spaceships to gain exceptional speeds with the help of using lasers to steal energy from black holes themselves.

The idea for halo drive is for a spacecraft to shoot a powerful laser into a black hole. The spaceship would then catch the supercharged beam as it curves around the intensely dense black hole for a mega speed boost.

However, few of other experts have criticized Kipping’s idea about halo drive that would require access to a black hole and also an extremely powerful laser. “The engineering parts are really difficult to deal with in any realistic way.”

Meanwhile, according to Metroit is also theorized that aliens out in the space somewhere could already be using black holes to power their spaceships.

Though the idea might seem a bit of sci-fiction, but scientists believe if it’s true, we can finally spot aliens by tracking the gamma rays from their spacecraft.

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