China's high resolution forecast for more accuracy and precision

Chinese researchers have constructed an urban meteorological system with high resolution to serve for accurate forecast, according to Beijing Institute of Urban Meteorology.

China's high resolution forecast for more accuracy and precision

The rapid-fresh multi-scale analysis and prediction system, using data on Beijing’s urban buildings, urban land use and meteorological observation, has a horizontal resolution of one kilometer.

To test the system’s prediction accuracy, the researchers chose weather data from July 2017 and January 2018 to represent the summer and winter respectively, and analyzed the forecast results.

The prediction system accurately simulated the evolution of the near-surface meteorological elements including temperature, humidity, wind and rainfall.

It can predict the energy consumption of buildings, as well as estimate the changes of indoor temperature and humidity of each floor over time.

The air-conditioning load can be also predicted by the system based on the energy exchange between the buildings and outdoor air.

The system has been used by Beijing Meteorological Service, Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design and Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management. It will provide support for the city’s weather forecast and warning, city planning and safe operation, and disaster prevention and alleviation.