Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently disclosed what he believes will be technology breakthroughs, including custom cancer vaccines, better toilets, lab-grown meat and more.

Bill Gates reveal hike technologies that change the world

Bill Gates views of what he believes could revolutionize the world and help save lives. The customized cancer vaccines, can trigger a patient’s immune system ‘to identify a tumor by its unique mutations’ and ‘could effectively shut down many types of cancers’.

He further mentioned that robot revolution is upon us and further breakthroughs for robots are needed to ‘master the advanced dexterity needed in a real warehouse or factory’. 

Introducing advanced technologies to take carbon dioxide (CO2) out of air to lock away greenhouses will also play a major role to impact human lives. Sustainable meat and burgers, meat grown in lab from animal cells will be helpful where no animal slaughter is involved, wrote Gates.

Gates mentioned that a tool such as wearable electrocardiograms can help detect strokes or heart attacks and help save lives beforehand. Gates also pushed on the idea of cheap, self-contained toilets that will prevent spreading of bacteria, parasites or viruses that cause various diseases.

Other technology breakthroughs according to Gates include development of new nuclear energy reactor designs to make nuclear power ‘safer and cheaper’; a blood test to predict if a baby is likely to be born prematurely and thereby increase chance of survival;

A pill-sized probe that can be swallowed to take detailed pictures of the gut without anesthesia; and AI assistants with which you can have a conversation and that can ‘deal with daily minutiae like taking meeting notes, finding information, or shopping online’.