Renting a property is a business nowadays in Pakistan. Moreover, an excellent tenant is someone who pays their rent on time. Likewise he is respectful of the properties he is residing in.

Similarly, he should have long-term lease in order to satisfy his landlord. Furthermore, attracting and retaining high-quality tenants is the key to your success as a landlord. Since most landlords know what qualities make an ideal tenant, thus at times it becomes hard for landlord to find ideal tenant.

Similarly, a question arises in every rational mind that how to get quick tenants for your rental property. Lastly, following are the features of rental properties that attract more tenants. In short, these factors can help you attract more tenants, giving you a higher chance of finding an excellent tenant.


1.     Best rental properties:
2.     How to get quick tenants for your rental properties:

These are more or less same question hence I will try to answer both in this section of the blog. Following are the tricks to get quick tenants for your rental properties.

Sr. No.

How to get quick tenants for your rental properties:




·         Workplace

·         Parks

·         Markets

·         Restaurants


Safety and security should be full proof

·         Adding an alarm service


School should be in vicinity

·         Quality school at walking distance


Parking for at least one car

·         Street parking or in house


House should be in maintained

·         No maintenance charges


Appliances should already be installed

·         AC’s, Microwave oven etc


Upgrades and timely Renovations

·         New innovations


Age of property

·         House should be new


Outdoor space

·         Small lawn or terus



·         Large store


A cooperative landlord

  1. Location:

Location play pivotal role when a tenant makes a decision regarding property. Moreover, tenants look for a property that is close to their employment place, as well as grocery stores, restaurants, and parks. In short it’s all about lifestyle quality, and tenants are often willing to pay more in such cases. Similarly, they seem willing to overlook other aspects of the rental unit if the property is in a great neighborhood. Lastly, if you are in a desirable location, you can attract higher-quality tenants and charge a higher rent.

  1. Safety and Security:

Safety goes hand-in-hand with location. A safe environment is a powerful motivator for great tenants. However, if you are worried that your car or home is going to be broken into, it will be negative. Therefore, researching crime statistics is an essential step to take when considering purchasing a new property in an unfamiliar area. However, for your existing rental properties, adding an alarm service is a cost-effective way to make tenants feel safe and secure.

  1. School:

Another important factor is that high-quality tenant might consider the area’s school. For Example, for tenants with school-aged children, the school is a major priority. Moreover, every parent wants the best for their children, and quality education is at the top of many parents’ list. However, even if a tenant does not have children, many tenants view the quality of the school as predictor of neighborhood quality. Therefore, it is an important factor that will likely attract tenant.

  1. Parking:

Nobody wants to drive around for a parking spot, especially if they have bundle of groceries in the car. However, if your property is located in a suburban area, there may be plenty of parking available on the street. However, in the tight spaces of an urban environment, parking is an important consideration. Lastly, if you can’t offer off-street parking, try to keep parking space within house at least for one car.

  1. House should be in ready condition:

Tenants do not prefer to spend money on someone else’s house. Thus it is an important factor while renting a house that it should be in a running condition.

  1. Appliances should already be installed:

A house with already installed appliances seems more attractive than house without appliances. Moreover, a tenant would not want the added hassle of having to purchase large and costly appliances. Even when he knows that they may not need for a future rental or be responsible for if they break. Thus, appliances are especially attractive to tenants, because it means there is less chance of the appliance breaking down.

  1. Upgrades and timely Renovations:

Landlord should from time to time make up-gradations in the house. These up-gradations make house look more attractive for tenants. Moreover, these features also increases profit ratio.

  1. Age of property:

This is another important factor for a tenant. Moreover, a tenant will always choose a new house over an old one. Because old house demands more care thus they prefer new house. Therefore, keep spending some portion of your income on your property.

  1. Outdoor space:

Landlord should keep some outdoor space where tenant can have a cup of tea or coffee in the evening.

  1. Storage:

Adequate storage space is another important detriment when a tenant makes a decision. Moreover, this might mean removing an unnecessary wall, or providing a closet in the bedroom. Alternatively, you can offer storage outside of the unit itself perhaps within a basement or outdoor storage shed.

  1. A cooperative landlord:

This is another important factor; if a landlord is cooperative you don’t hesitate to share things with him. Moreover, cooperative landlord earns a good reputation hence more tenants.

Lastly, these features distinguish properties from one another. Furthermore, these features make properties the best rental properties. Finally, you are advised to visit for all kinds of properties.

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