Unemployment in Pakistan

According to the 2017 surveys the unemployment rate of Pakistan is about 5.9% of its total population. Like other major issues prevailing in Pakistan, unemployment is also the largest one.

Unemployment in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the unemployment rate is very high and the major reason is the wastage of resources on the large scale. It results in the decrease in the income of people. The Unemployment Problem in Pakistan is increasing rapidly and due to this, many crimes are taking place.

We can see that many people no matter, what the education are idle because they are not getting any job not even the jobs of clerks, in ordinary offices or in schools. The condition of unemployment is leading towards the depressing state and the main reason is the poor education system, which is running under the government.

The parents spend huge amount of money on their children’s education, but the jobs are very rare and prove indefinable in today’s era. Sadly, the government is not taking any action on the unemployment problem in Pakistan because they are very busy in filling their own pockets with the money of the Pakistani people. The causes are infinite, but the major causes of unemployment in Pakistan are given below.

  • Poor education system:

The system of education in Pakistan is very bad. Sadly, none of the governments took worthwhile steps for the betterment of education. We know that our educational system is very bad and most of the population is uneducated. Many of the talented students leave studies due to the unjust educational system. Many of the educational institution are just selling degrees which have no values because the students do not gain any skills but wonder for a good job which is not possible all the time.

  • Growth in population:

The population of Pakistan is very large and according to statistics it is increasing at a role of 2.2 % per annum, which is startling. There are many reasons for this increase in population e.g. lack of awareness, desire of sons etc. It is not possible for government to provide employment to huge populace. Our country has plenty of natural resources but it is so strange to know that our atomic power is facing energy crisis. These resources cannot be tapped due to lack of technical and skilled labor.

  • High age of retirement:

The age of this retirement is very high i.e. 60 years due to this a lot of deserving people are waiting for jobs. Government is directly responsible for the unemployment problem in Pakistan. Due to this factor, the people with less age are in wait of jobs and their higher education is making them exasperated because of no job.

  • Terrorism:

Another major cause of unemployment is terrorism. Pakistan is facing a terrible situation of terrorism especially in Karachi which is a hub of business activity. Foreign investors fear to invest in our country, thus, there are less opportunities of employment. In addition to these problems Afghan refugees are also a major problem of unemployment in Pakistan.

  • Lack of industries:

 Another reason for unemployment is that the number of industries is not increasing in Pakistan. Shortage of capital is an important cause of unemployment in developing countries like Pakistan. Low savings leads to low investment, which ultimately results in low capital formation. When rate of capital accumulation is low, unemployment will be the natural outcome of the situation.

Unemployment is an acute problem of Pakistan. It is very serious problem, demanding wise leadership to solve it. It will have to be faced quickly and wisely if we wish to avoid social revolution. Government efforts to create nominal employment are counter-productive as it draws resources from productive sectors,

Where the generation of national income and direct and indirect employment opportunities are likely to be higher. The present state of unemployment is caused by “safarish”. The deserving candidates do not get jobs and the persons with “safarish” easily get jobs of their choice.

Solution of Unemployment Problem in Pakistan

It will be tough ask for government to solve one of the major problems of Pakistan “Unemployment” due to huge population but still we have given some solutions to reduce the unemployment in Pakistan and we are hopeful by following these solutions the ratio of unemployment in Pakistan can be reduced or decreased.

  • The first thing to do to reduce unemployment in Pakistan is the proper planning by the government of Pakistan.
  • The education system of Pakistan should be equal and well managed.
  • Well recognized training and technical institutions are need to be established where skills programs are offered.
  • The age of retirement should be at least 55 years.
  • Remove energy crisis so that investor comes to Pakistan thus job placement will automatically be created.
  • There should be peace across the country so foreigners will not hesitate to invest in Pakistan.
  • The agriculture sector should be developed.
  • Jobs should be given purely on merits.
  • Multinational companies to business in Pakistan.
  • Family planning centers should be opened to control the flow of over population.

By Muswar Mithal

studying Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jam shoro