Cyber crook put up Pakistan bank cards for sale worth $3.5m

Cyber-criminals have put up for sale three large collections of Pakistan’s banking payment cards “dumps” worth an estimated $3.5 million at a online hub of stolen card data.

Cyber crook put up Pakistan bank cards for sale worth $3.5m

Moscow-based anti-fraud firm the Group IB said that all three card dumps were released on Joker’s Stash at the end of January, the well-known underground marketplace for selling stolen credit card.

Two dumps contain 96 percent card details of Pakistani users. Most of the stolen data were related to the country’s biggest Islamic bank Meezan Bank.

Group-IB said first round of card published on January 24 included 1,535 cards, with 1,457 from Meezan Bank and second round published on January 30 included 67,654 cards, with 96 percent and the total value of the card dump to a whopping $3.5 million  belonging to Meezan Bank customers.

This is not the first time when Pakistan’s banking system breached. That illustrates the second big infringement on the vulnerable banking system in six months.

However, the bank’s official, said “I have checked there is nothing alarming and Meezan Bank has already taken safety steps and measures to safeguard its customers and card holders.”“Our customer data is safe and secured.”