CRISPER cas 9 to overcome genetic disorders in humans

Every cell in our body contain a copy of our genome. More than 20 thousand genes are present in our body. Genes are made up of double helix DNA.

CRISPER cas 9 to overcome genetic disorders in humans

Helix DNA long strands of 4 chemicals known for their initials A, T, C, and G.Our genes decided who we are as an individual and species. Advancement in researches tells us that thousands of genes that effect risk factor of disease.

How genes work? To understand this phenomena the researcher find out new system to change genes in living cells known as CRISPR cas 9 that promises to improve the ability to edit DNA and to overcome the genetic disorder in humans. The rapid development in CRISPR cas 9 system becomes an innovative tool for the scientist to do research at cell and molecular level due to its versatility and proficiency of genome editing.

Without any ambiguity it is clear that the potential of CRISPR cas 9 system in bio-engineering beyond DNA cleavage and importance for genome locus targeted recruitment of proteins will be limited by our imaginations.It is revolutionized technology in field of bio-engineering based on the idea of cut and paste of DNA.

The researcher can delete ,repeat and replace the gene of organisms and insert the gene of interest at the targeted gene site. The sequence of CRISPR was eventually founded in defense system of archea and bacteria for the destruction of viral pathogen by cutting DNA of foreign viral partical with the help of cas nuclease.

This technology is now being in use for the treatment of genetic disorders e.g mascular distrophy, hemophilia, thalassemia, sickel cell anemia, lukemia, cancer and cystic fibrosis.

CRISPR cas 9 system is used for the correction of mutation causing genes varying from few base pairs to extended deletion of genes within in-vitro to in-vivo system.

Now this system indulge with induced pluripotent stem cells for the editing of multiplex tissues for the production of donor dependent tissues for the purpose of transplantation. CRISPR cas 9 explorethe new door for the treatment of human diseases.