Energy Storage for Electric Buses & Trucks 2019-2029

Dr Peter Harrop, IDTechEx Chairman, has recently published a new global market report, “Energy Storage for Electric Buses and Trucks 2019-2029”.

Energy Storage for Electric Buses & Trucks 2019-2029

Harrop discusses the opportunity for electric buses and trucks. We move to cities and do internet shopping: that destroys the market for private cars and boosts demand for buses and delivery trucks.

Harrop argues that the top polluters on highways in the United States, Monster Class 8 truck, are powering the energy storage boom for buses and trucks.

He states that the new IDTechEx report, “Energy Storage for Electric Buses and Trucks 2019-2029” analyses this. “Robust growth is ongoing – China is completing urban bus electrification, city delivery truck electrification is well under way but electrifying monster inter-city trucks, urban buses outside China and 1.5 million school buses has scarcely begun.”

The world has ten times as many trucks as buses. The report looks particularly at pure electric versions, the end game, but the much smaller energy storage for those hybrids losing market share is also covered.

Yes, it finds that lithium-ion batteries will continue to dominate but appraise ongoing safety and supply risks not least because of rapid redesign of every part.

Uniquely, the report surfaces the two radical advances in supercapacitors which will give them the energy density that lithium-ion batteries had in 2012. That 100 Wh/kg is very significant given the much better cycle life, reliability, safety and power density of supercapacitors.

Learn how fuel cells have won the first round in the largest trucks and how all these technologies combine and improve over the coming decade, as clarified in new infograms, technology roadmaps and detailed forecasts for many types of bus and truck.