Pakistan to grasp location-based services and RTLS

Everybody is focusing to embrace Location-Based Services (LBS) and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) to improve the mapping system. Therefore, Pakistan is about to grip these areas to facilitate effective online maps. By 2021, LBS and RTLS are projected to grow to $77.84 billion from $15.04 billion.

Pakistan to grasp location-based services and RTLSPakistan to grasp location-based services and RTLS

CEO of TPL Maps, Adnan Shahid, which is the first licensed mapping and navigation company in Pakistan with an investment of $10 million, said that Location-Based Services is a technology for the future,

which helps industries including e-commerce, navigation, delivery service, courier service, logistics and civic scheduling. It will help the country reach its goal of Digital Pakistan.

Adnan Shahid said, e-commerce is going to boom in Pakistan, self-driving cars are going to be on roads, there will be robots and drones, but all that is probable when you have a meticulous and correct map.

All these services will need real-time processing. All that data would rationalize decision-making for the people, but that would be only possible when locals worked on it, he added.

The entire phenomenon needs local data, which can be composed through surveyors, but people are the most important contributors, as through pinpointing their street or house address they can tell if details of a scrupulous place are wrong and needs to be changed.