Pakistan govt stimulate the tech-driven economy

Task Force on Technology Driven Knowledge Economy meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan on PM office concentrate on shifting towards technology to renovate the country’s wealth and make the most of massive human resource potential.

Pakistan govt stimulate the tech-driven economy

Pakistan government is currently working on different strategies for the endorsement towards promotion of digitization, The future of technology ‘Artificial Intelligence’, Quality higher education to prosper worldwide, Human resource development and technical skills.

In order to achieve the goals the Prime Minister apprised the policy to endorse technology driven economy with improved allocations for higher education, technical skills development of human resource, promotion of digitization, promotion of AI education and skills.

Task Force meeting attended by Finance Minister Asad Umar, Advisor on Commerce Abdul Razzak Dawood, Planning Minister Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar, IT Minister Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.

Professor Dr Atta ur Rehman, Dr Tariq Binori, Yousuf Hussain, Chairman Ignite, and legislative body of business community and industrialists and federal secreta

Higher education is the bridge in the economic development of a nation. Education not only raises people’s productivity and creativity but also promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances. 

Keeping in view all the above discussed topics technology revolutionized everything hastily so it’s the right time to shift technology to alter the nation’s economy. Instead of anything must put into practice the future of technology ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to grasp what we want.