Digital Cocaine – Tiktok

We all are aware of what social media is and how we are specially our youth deliberately addicted to such kind of applications like social video sharing apps.

Digital Cocaine – Tiktok

As, an addictive drug “Cocaine” that has a penetrating feeling which leads to loss of contact with realism just confer to that there’s an emergent “Digital Cocaine” entitled as “TIKTOK” an eminent scorching application that is frequently use now a days instead of source of entertainment, it gradually becomes addiction for the users.

As, human body needs some relaxation from time to time, need break to avoid from anxiety, we can’t deny as the mind becomes tired as the body. If human body doing continuous hard work then enthusiasm becomes down simply, we comprehend that brain and body not functional appropriately.

Subsequently, here an alarming question peppering … Is social applications are source of entertainment? Absolutely yes, as a source of entertainment just to relax for about 15 mins, half hour, maximum 1 hour it’s ok and understandable, but if it exceeds 4 to 5 hours then it has some glitches that further becomes threats.

Now, again headed for the crunchy topic, Tiktok is basically a Chinese application amalgamate with musically. Chinese buy this application in billion and million dollars and then made billionaire subscribers just by means of this short video platform which has dominated the charts.

Some called Tiktok as an abused social video platform as well as English people called it a bad app that is too much embodist even a child can view the content that is not preferable. Indonesian government banned Tiktok app for about 1- 2 month. Also some splashing news that Pakistan government is also going to banned Tiktok app just because a citizen filed request at Pakistan Citizen Portal addressed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

We all must put some light in what manner we are addicted to these applications that have no benefit all over. Humans are going downwards just because of too much involvement. A UN department WHO (World Health Organization) mentioned Tiktok as an actual disease. According to WHO blistering Tiktok app had some symptoms and side-effects.

Users specially youth lock themselves in room to make a short video to go viral to attain a lot of shares and like to get fame across globe instead of concerning their future goals, career. It’s absolutely wastage of time spending 3 to 4 hours a day made it a criminal activity because no productivity during the leisure time.

Side-effects of video sharing app:

Desensitization: A person steadily eliminates him/her from realism diminished emotional responsiveness to a negative and sometimes emotional response evoked in a situation where emotions are irrelevant or unnecessary and becomes desensitized.

Addiction: Social media becomes the cornerstone of modern communication as it grant users to create a sense of affinity and reformulate their way of being. Accidentally depletion of social apps becomes addiction.

Social Isolation: Using these platforms excessively carried a person in the state of temporary absence from society. Like a pendulum swing between individualism and society. Social skills highly suffered like public communication, problem solving, and creative writing.

Violent Behavior:  Spending more time using these platforms marks aggression as we see violence as a normal part of everyday life. Violence in nature becomes part of personality.

Why craving to use such kind of applications?

Firstly, socially connect with people without any judgment.

Secondly, these scorching apps provide temporary escape from reality, move towards virtual world.

The last in my perspective, people craving out because such type of short video platforms gave seconds of fame which now a day’s becomes the race for each and everyone.

Wrapping all social media has both the positive and negative impact. It depends how we are going to use the applications, if doing valuable things in a proper way then it is highly recommended.