Punjab government devise sunflower cultivation plan

A complete sunflower cultivation plan acquire to plant sunflower and other oil seeds crops on more than 2 lakh acres of land in different areas of the province formulated by the Punjab government.

Punjab government devise sunflower cultivation plan

According to the Punjab Agriculture Department, 4,700 acres of land in Daska, Pasrur and Sambrial tehsils of Sialkot would be utilized for sunflower cultivation. Steps are also being taken to fabricate maximum edible oil as well.

Only 34 percent edible oil is being produced within the country whereas 66 per cent is being imported to satisfy domestic needs. Presently, sunflower seeds bear 40 per cent oil capacity as compared to other oil seed crops.

Recently, a US-based food and agriculture company Cargill decided to invest $200mn in Pakistan in agriculture, dairy farming, and cooking oil sectors.

Pakistan Dairy Farming

Cargill wants to endorse international standard dairy farming in Pakistan, which will not only contribute to its economy regarding revenue but will also provide employment opportunities to locals.

Marcel Smits, Chairman of the Asia Pacific and Head of Corporate Strategy distinguished that the current government was gaining international praise due to its transparency, and called various investment avenues in the country to bolster in agriculture sector.