Agri-dept grant 60 Pc subsidy on drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation the most water conserving and efficient system delivers the exact quantity of water needed directly to plant zones. Keeping in mind the dire need to save from hazards agriculture department is giving 60 percent subsidy on the provision of drip irrigated system.

Agri-dept grant 60 Pc subsidy on drip irrigation system

As agriculture constitutes the main sector of Pakistan’s economy and the bulk of the population, directly or indirectly, is dependent on this sector.

Considering it the agriculture information department emphasized drip irrigation system that is relatively modern irrigation technique and has increased water efficiency by 50 per cent.

The drip irrigated system saves time, labor and improves production and also lessens expenditures on fertilizers. It does not allow weeds to flourish because weeds not getting enough water.


The agriculture department has urged farmers to focus on irrigation system and in case of any query related to this process they could contact agriculture information department without any hesitation.