Robot dogs could soon deliver packages right to your doorstep

Autonomous tech is being used for various unique purposes and as demonstrated by a firm, soon enough robot dogs delivery  will be used to deliver packages right to your doorsteps.

Robot dogs could soon deliver packages right to your doorstep

German automotive company Continental teamed up with a startup ANYbotics for making up four-legged autonomous robot dogs along with autonomous delivery vehicles. The company demoed its new technology at CES 2019 held last week.

The concept, as explained by Futurism, is that a self-driving vehicle will pull up at the designated address and sends out one or more small four-legged robot dogs, which the firm calls ANYmals, which will further deliver the package on the person’s doorstep. The dogs can also climb up the stairs and even ring doorbell.

As per Continental, the deliveries could be made around the clock, even when people are working, at school or otherwise occupied and are not able to physically receive the packages themselves. These delivery robot dogs, as per the firm, present a more effective and efficient distribution of goods.

However, as per Daily Mail, the company doesn’t plan to roll out the robot delivery dogs or the autonomous vehicle anytime soon. “We see great potential in our automotive technology to support robotics companies in developing autonomous delivery robots as an additional use case for driverless vehicles,” said Jeremy McClain, Continental’s Director of Systems & Technology.