Role of Telecom Sector in era of Pakistan’s digitalization

The role of telecom sector in Pakistan so far is best pinpointing of potential and opportunities it offers in an epoch of digitization. The country goes through challenging times with its monetary problems and requires for supplementary funds for imperative and vital projects.

Role of Telecom Sector in era of Pakistan’s digitalization

In addition, the solution to problem lies more focus on telecom sector and continuing to reap benefits through this goldmine of opportunities.

Consequently, role of Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications and predominantly Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has become fundamental for economic growth and employment generation.

All -inclusive portrait of telecom sector performance in Pakistan during one year showed that with ever increasing mobile subscription in Pakistan, today, the mobile subscribers figure stands at 153 million, giving boost to the total tele-density which stands at 74 per cent as of November 2018.

Ministry of IT and PTA prompt digital ecosystem in Pakistan with active involvement of all stakeholders. This was done through frequent sustainable development and accelerated digitization projects, research and innovation, Software Technology Parks, subsidized bandwidth, international marketing, international certifications, internships and trainings.

Incentives like 100% equity ownership, 100% repatriation of profit, tax exemption on IT and IT Enabled Services (ITeS) export revenues, tax exemptions to startups and contribute state of the art software technology parks are some areas that have been focused for accelerating digital rebellion in Pakistan.

The telecom, in particular can encourage complete economy starting from driving the private sector to enrollment in education to improving food provision, enhancing government’s productivity and ensuring national security.