Biochar : Nursery growing media to control the disease

Nursery growing media Biochar is carbon rich product obtained when biomass  is heated in a close container with little or no oxygen.

Biochar : Nursery growing media to control the disease


Today plant researchers focused on growing plants on the soil less media. Soil less media alternative nursery growing media. It consist of essential nutrients and its holding capacity, such as peat. In this detail we reviewed the works relating to nursery growing media biochar as element of growing media target. Its influence on plant growth and plant disease. Observed work showed that the influence of biochar on the growth of plant and its ability against resistance of disease is positive instead of peat. 

      1.1 Nursery growing media biochar

The major driver of interest is biochar’s remain for long period in the soil. almost all biochar types having estimated half-lives of hundreds to thousands of years. Therefore once applied, its slowly decompose and long lasting. There is wide variety of soils group and associated properties and process will requires specific biochar properties for specific soil in order to meet the intention of biochar application. Finally if we use proper amount of biochar instead of peat then farmer can control the diseases and enhance the growth and production of plants.

     1.2 Nursery growing media biochar for controlling plant disease

Nursery growing media biochar found in soils all around the world as a result of vegetation fire and remarkable soil managing practices. It having unique properties as a soil enhancer. We can control disease by observing it through the pathosystems.


         1. Foliar pathogen

         2. Soil born pathogen

These pathosystems tested the effect of biochar on plant disease. Studies show positive effect of biochar on controlling different kind of disease. It is all depend on the concentration of biochar. When we use it to control the disease that keep in mind about concentration because high concentration might be harmful.

Nursery growing media biochar benefits

  1. It is increases the cation exchange capacity in the poor organic soil because it have high amount of free ions.
  2. That increase nutrients and water holding capacity in soil
  3. That is improve the pH of Acidic soil
  4. Help in reducing the greenhouse gas emission
  5. It is often bind with nitrogen and produce clay rich fertile soil
  6. Successful implementation of biochar in nursery media will encourage more extensive use of biochar in the future, and its benefits will be more easily quantified after gaining valuable


  1. That is very difficult to apply for the reason that it is costly on large area.
  2. It is difficult to applications at larger scales under field conditions


Biochar is a peat alternative;unmeasured concentrations may cause a hidden risk by weakening the plants’ defenses or predispose the roots to pathogen attack. As a Result Understanding the safe limits of biochar concentrations in pathosystems that are common in nurseries and growing culture systems may help extend limits of beneficial biochar use in horticulture. Such benefits are needed if biochar is to have a role as partial peat replacement or as improve of peat-less alternative growth media.


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Authors: Ahsan Shabbir*, Ahmed Mukhtar**and Abid Ali***

*Department of Plant Pathology University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan

**Department of Agronomy University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan

***Department of Entomology University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan



By Ahsan Shabbir

I am Student of Bsc (hons) Major Plant Pathology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad. I am consistent and Hard working student throughout my educational career