Microsoft patents new method of issuing voice commands silently

Voice assistants are growing each day, but many still find it a bit awkward to use them in public. Thus, Microsoft is looking forward to introduce a ‘silent voice input’ through which people can access voice assistant by just their breath.

Microsoft patents new method of issuing voice commands silently

Microsoft has recently filed a patent where it will make a voice assistant that is aimed at not disturbing people nearby, and not sharing private information around strangers. Thus, Microsoft has proposed a ‘silent voice input’ to let people use voice input tech, but quietly without being noticed by surroundings.

Rather than speaking into the phone or other devices in public, the silent input method will be able to detect whispers and extrapolate voice commands from the airflow created while mouthing words. The proposed silent voice input method is performed by using ingressive (breathing-in) airflow while speaking. As per Microsoft, it will prevent users’ whispered voices from being distorted.


However, for this method to work, the user would have to put their mouth real close to the microphone – around one to two millimeters close. The silent voice input tech can be embedded in a range of devices like phones, TV remotes, watches, headsets and rings.

“Although performance of voice input has been greatly improved, the voice input is still rarely used in public spaces, such as office or even homes,” says the patent filing. “These are not technical issues but social issues. Hence there is no easy fix even if voice recognition system performance is greatly improved,” the patent continued.