PCSIR commit in Agriculture, Energy & Industrial Sector

Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) has commit in industrial, agriculture and energy sector of the country through developing numerous technologies to embark the existing issues in these sectors during the last five years.

PCSIR commit in Agriculture, Energy & Industrial Sector

PCSIR has various initiatives in agriculture sector, developed eco-friendly Di-octyl Terephthalate (DOTP) for plastic industry and zero formaldehyde syntan for leather industry.

Dehydration of fruit and vegetables, Slow Release Urea Fertilizer, Design and Fabrication of Rice Transplanter and developed Diagnostic Kit for Plant Viral Disease and NPK Fertilizer, Nano Fertilizer’ Zincole (Micronutrient in Agriculture), Bioinoculant for Fertilizer also deployed by PCSIR in the agriculture sector.

In energy sector, PCSIR commit through developing Coal Water Slurry Fuel and Reinforced Derived Fuel and solar driven one inch and two inches water pumps. PCSIR has also designed the Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Plant.

PCSIR also productively conceded out a procedure for removal of heavy metals using ultrasonic energy and electrolysis as a measure to fumigate industrial waste and also urbanized a Dynamic Vertical Balancing Machine for Auto and Fan industry.

Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has developed and supplied 72 various types of Scientific, Electro-Medical and Security Equipment (Walk-through gate and hand-held Metal Detector).

PCSIR has also completed the design and fabrication of proto-type solar-oriented dehydrator for drying dates and chilies and developed technologies for development of Ozone Generator and Defluoridation of drinking water.

Membrane Bioreactor for Chemical, Textile and Leather, Lithium ion Battery, high performance Industrial Corrosion Polymer Coating and Poly Chloroprene Based Adhesive for Auto, Chemical, leather and Textile also developed by Pakistan Council.