Pakistani startup ‘Aqua Agro’ using AI to help farmers

Keeping in line the water crisis mounting situation as the country on the edge of drying out by 2025, a Pakistani startup ‘Aqua Agro’, incubated In National Incubation Center Karachi, comes up with a technological solution for the farmers to harvest more crops with smaller quantity of water resources.

Pakistani startup ‘Aqua Agro’ using AI to help farmers

The startup has endemic developed solar-powered IOT enabled devices that are deployed in the fields and monitor environmental conditions such as soil moisture, temperature, humidity, and various other parameters. The data from the farms is then sent to an AI-based cloud platform that makes the verdict for the farmers on whether the crop needs irrigation or not.

Pakistan’s water disbursement is based on irrigation. To avoid the water-starved future which is turning into writing on the wall with each passing day, it is necessary to cut down on water currently being used in irrigation.

The system has been proved to save 50% water as compared to the water consumption in a farmer’s conventional practices and has also pragmatic an increase in crop yield. Farmers are communicated about watering the crops through SMS, email and a mobile application.

The startup aims to raise funds for deploying the technology for 50 small-scale farmers of Pakistan by January 2019. For this purpose, Aqua Agro is running a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.

Those enthusiastic to make a payment to this cause, can back Aqua Agro’s crowd-funding campaign and become a part of the cause to combat water crisis which will help the country’s agriculture sector survive with lesser water resources and radiate an overall positive effect on the country’s economy.