Punjab govt decides to enlarge e-credit scheme

The Punjab government determined to enlarge ongoing e-credit scheme circle to facilitate in better interest of the small growers. The small growers could get loan from Akhuwat, National Rural Support Programme and National Bank under e-credit scheme.

Punjab govt decides to enlarge e-credit scheme

According to Agriculture Department, in the first phase of the scheme, interest free loans were provided to over 300,000 small growers. He informed that Rs 25,000 per acre interest free agriculture mortgage was being offered to growers for Rabi crops, adding that the provincial government had decided to increase it to Rs 30,000 per acre.

The purpose small growers could registered themselves at the tehsil land record centre along with CNIC, cellphone number and land particulars without any penny.

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The growers could contact on agriculture helpline numbers 0800-15000 and 0800-29000 about any information regarding registration and E-Credit scheme.

E-credit program played efficient position in affluence of growers and loans were being provided in a translucent comportment.  Information was also being provided through smart phones given by Punjab government and added that they were also providing guidance to growers about latest production technology for rabbi crops so that they could get utmost protection.