Zigzag kiln technology introduced to cut down emissions

Ministry of Climate Change has introduced a Zigzag kiln technology to embellish fuel efficiency, energy savings and lessening in emissions up to 70 per cent.

Zigzag kiln technology introduced to cut down emissions

The zigzag technology has been introduced in synchronization with Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs), National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA) and Pakistan Brick Kiln Association as part of Climate Change Division initiatives to addressing issue of smog in the country.

The Ministry in collaboration with NEECA is organizing on-site awareness-cum-training sessions in various cities. The other steps taken for addressing issue of smog, is 10 billion Tree Tsunami initiative across the country which will mitigate effects of air pollution.

Ministry of Climate Change has requested the Division with regard to the import of Euro-VI compliant diesel right away given high cost being paid by consumers anguish from SMOG issues, where vehicular emission is main sources of air pollution.

Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) are also affianced in air quality data generation. SUPARCO had traced particulate matter causing Smog and found elements of coal being used across the border in power generation.

The subject of environment and ecology was devolved to provinces under 18th Constitutional Amendment. Accordingly, provincial governments have enacted their respective environmental laws, rules and environmental quality standards.

The provincial EPAs are accountable to deal with air emission issues through efficient enforcement of those rules and laws etc. Government of the Punjab has recently developed Smog Policy and constituted a Commission on Smog.

The government is operational on a multi split strategy to holistically address issue of air pollution as it has far reaching effects on human health and surrounding environments.