Mosquito repellent plants

Mosquitoes get their meal by sucking blood from the animal or human beings. Mosquitoes are dreadful in a sense that they transferred many diseases like Dengue, Malaria, West Nile virus, Zika virus to the human population. There are some plants that have mosquito repellent property, which can be used instead of commercially available insect repellent.  

Mosquito repellent plants

Human skin have some specific odors and various secretions to which many insects as well as mosquitoes are if a person is exercising or working hard in the lawn or ground than chances of mosquito bite increases.

Some strong and unpleasant smell can overcome the scent of human thus preventing from insect and mosquito bite. This is the reason why citronella candles and DEET sprays sell a lot in summer season. Similarly various plants have very strong scent that human finds comfortable which help to hide human scent and thus preventing from the bite of neighboring mosquitoes. Ideally the scent of plants should be on the skin but can work well if present your surroundings. 

These plants gives best result as mosquito repellent when herbs are crush in palm of hand due to which aroma and essential oils are released. Apply leaves and oil to your body.

Lemon Balm:

It belongs to mint family. It has white flowers, some healing properties and scent resembles to that of lemon. It can reduce the chances of mosquito bite but it is an invasive species so be careful, when thinking of growing in lawn.


Nepetalactone, a natural chemical found in plant. It has insect repellent and feline attractant if you are not cat lover than don’t grow this in your lawn.    


Essential oil produced from this plant is very much toxic to larvae of mosquito. If you grow this plant near water sources, it has the ability to reduce the egg laying capacity of mosquitoes. 


It can repel flies, moths and mosquitoes. The most effective way to get benefit as mosquito repellent from this plant is to rub its leaves which result in extraction of the oil. Apply oil to the body. 


Mostly peppermint in concentrated form is used as insect repellent. Peppermint oil has great tendency to repel adults as well as ability to kill eggs and larvae of some species.


It is a perennial plant. Its market name is “mosquito plant” and also known citronella (as its strong scent correlates with citronella).Despite being largely marketed, research said that it has minimum mosquito repellent activity as compared to other plants. 

Sage and Rosemary:

Burning small amount of sage and rosemary produce strong aroma which not only felt good by human beings but also repel most of insects for time as much you are near the fire or smoke produce from it.

Shahzain Ali2, Muhammad Kasib Khan1, Muhammad Shafi Hasni1

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By Shafi hasni

PhD Scholar