Tesla new app feature to remotely heat car seats

Caring for its customers in this cold weather, automobile firm Tesla has rolled out a new feature to let owners remotely heat and warm up their car seats before they sit in the car.

Tesla new app feature to remotely heat car seats

Tesla launched an update for its mobile app, allowing users to remotely control their car seat’s temperature before they sit into their electric vehicle, a helpful feature for the cold weather.

The owner, as explained by Engadgetwould simply have to tap the part of the car’s virtual model on the application, which they would like to be heated up. Also, if the electric vehicle has a heated steering wheel, the owners can also use the app to activate it remotely.

Also, owners would be able to choose how hot they want the seats to be, so that they don’t make them hot enough that they are unable to sit on them.

Along with the remote heating feature, Tesla also released a new option that lets owner to schedule a service appointment from within the mobile app. The user would be able to set the date, time and location as per their wish. They would also be given the option to describe their service.

The feature are available on the version 3.8.0 of Tesla’s app, and they owner would also have to update their vehicle’s software to enable the remote heating functionality.