JS Bank cohorts with Adaptive Technologies for Solar Energy

JS Bank cohorts with Adaptive Technologies with regards to its financing initiatives for Small & Medium Enterprises (JS Smart Roshni), solar panel financing for the residential sector (JS GharApna) and solar tube well (JS Zarkhez) for farmers.

JS Bank cohorts with Adaptive Technologies for Solar Energy

Through amalgamation JS Bank and Adaptive Technologies seek out to construct a framework for enlargement of shared values that will assist residential, agricultural and commercial accomplishments. Through the use of renewable energy, JS Bank patrons can opt for future independence from the national energy grid all the while saving on electric bills. The allowances are up on a refund basis at a 6% mark-up flat rate.

Head of Business Consumer Banking & Product Management for JS Bank; Babbar Wajid commented on the partnership with Adaptive Technologies as a manifestation of, “Our increased focus on alternative and renewable energy such as solar power which is a key element of improving air quality and the sustainability of the mix of the country’s energy sources.”

Shaaf Abdul Aziz Mehboob, Director at Adaptive Technologies, displayed sanguinity on future forecast saying “the future of energy in Pakistan will surely be driven mainly by renewable due to the rising cost of conventional fuels and declining cost of alternatives.”

He added that the main hindrance had been accessed to financing for the commercial, housing and rural sector, being now “A thing of the past with JS Bank’s solar financing scheme.

JS Bank to continue to innovate its commitment to business building cementing its role as a channel in the industrial ecosystem of Pakistan. Beforehand it has been providing loans for small-scale business ventures and even partnered with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology (SZABIST).

SZABIST alumni can now benefit the JS Prime Minister Youth Business Loan (PMYBL) to make their entrepreneur dreams a reality. JS Bank has also won the ‘Best Digital Innovation Award’ presented at the Pakistan Digi Awards 2018.

JS Bank’s Karachi headquarters have also been certified as a Green Office by the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Pakistan). In affiliation to its sustainable financing programs, JS Bank has acknowledged the prestigious award for Best Environmental and Social Governance Bank at the Pakistan Banking Awards 2017.