UOB ranked 347th as World's most Sustainable University

The UI GreenMetric, World University ranking 2018 ranked Pakistan’s University of Balochistan (UOB) , as 347th number the World’s most Sustainable University based on certain criteria’s.

UOB ranked 347th as World's most Sustainable University

According to the world overall ranking University of Balochistan acquire 4775 points. The individual activities rating at Setting and Infrastructure (857 score) 315 ranking, Energy and Climate Change (825 score) 428 ranking, Waste (900 score) 339 ranking, Water (475 score) 287 ranking, Transportation (725 score) 454 ranking and Education (975 score) 321 ranking, whereas, 4th at country ranking.

The UI GreenMetric aim of this ranking is to provide the consequence of online survey regarding the current condition and policies linked to Green Campus and Sustainability in the Universities all over the world.

It is predictable that by drawing the attention of university leaders, more attention will be given to combating global climate change, energy and water conservation, waste recycling, and green transportation.

World University ranking inviting thousands of universities around the world to take part. These universities include many which already being there in other World Universities Rankings. Universities that wish to take part are asked to make available numeric data on a number of criteria that can give a picture of their assurance to the greening of their campus and putting in place environmentally friendly policies that support sustainability.

The criteria include such baseline information as the size of the university, spatially and in terms of population, the campus location and the amount of green space; and also information on energy use, transport, water use and recycling and waste treatment. In addition, it will ask about efforts being made by the institution towards establishing green policies and management.

Such global activities will require change of behavior and providing more attention to sustainability of the environment, as well as economic and social problem connected to the sustainability.

Here’s the link: http://greenmetric.ui.ac.id/overall-ranking-2018/#top